magna karsa mulya


IDR 4.500.000 - 5.500.000

Job Requirement :

  • A graduate of a minimum of Diploma or equal in communication/computer field
  • Have experience in the same field is prioritizing
  • Male/female maximum age 25 years old
  • Good communicating skill to handle customer complaints
  • Ready to work in shift
  • Honest, precise and able to working in team
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Have good work ethic
  • Have customer satisfaction orientation

Job Description :

  • Taking customer's problem
  • Identify and coordinates problem
  • Record all the problems
  • Explain the application usage
  • Check and monitor products in existance
  • Prepare needed document to exlpain the application usage


IDR 4.500.000 - 5.500.000

Job Description :

  • Input finance transaction
  • Record daily finance report
  • Do payment transaction
  • Administration related finance
  • Reconcile financial report

Qualification :

  • Minimum Diploma in accountant, administration ,and or finance
  • Have 2 years experience in same field
  • Have good communicating skill
  • careful, Able to work in detailed accounts


IDR 5.500.000 - 7.000.000

Job Requirement :

  • (Mandatory) TCP/IP
  • (Mandatory) routing protocols (Static, OSPF, BGP))
  • (Mandatory) switching protocols (VLAN, Trunk)
  • (Mandatory) VPN Technologies (IPSEC , SSTP)
  • (Mandatory) Cisco Router, Mikrotik Router
  • (Optional) Having additional knowledge / skill in zabbix monitoring is a plus
  • (Optional) Familiar with linux OS is a plus
  • (Optional) Having CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) license is a big plus

Other Requirement :

  • Minimum 3 years experience as network administrator

Job Description :

  • Setup, maintain dan monitoring internal network
  • Setup, maintain dan monitoring external network (Dedicated link, vpnip, ipsec)
  • Setup, maintain dan monitoring network devices (Switch, Cisco Router, Mikrotik Router)
  • Network Management (IP Address, Routing, Switching, Bridging, Firewall, VPN, Access Point)
  • Create network reporting (incident report, monthly report)
  • Ensure network security and connectivity


IDR 6.000.000 - 8.000.000

Job Requirement :

  • (mandatory) Proficient in Linux Server management (RHEL / CentOS)
  • (mandatory) Knowledgeable / having experience on Web Server setup and optimization (HAProxy, NGINX, Apache)
  • (mandatory) Knowledgeable / having experience on Database Server setup and optimization (MySQL)
  • (mandatory) Knowledgeable / having experience on Xen/XCP/Citrix hypervisor setup and maintenance
  • (optional) Having additional knowledge / skill in Server Infrastructure Management scripting (Python / NodeJS / PHP / Go / etc) will be prioritized
  • (optional) Having additional knowledge / skill in Networking (RouterOS) will be prioritized
  • (optional) Having additional knowledge / skill in Automation tools (Ansible, terraform, etc) will be prioritized
  • (optional) Having additional knowledge / skill in cloud platform (AWS, AlibabaCloud) will be prioritized

Othe Requirement

  • Minimum 2 years experience as system administrator

Job Description :

  • Managing (provisioning, maintenance, optimize) physical and cloud server infrastructure
  • Managing server security (access policy, firewalls, tls/ssl certificates, etc)
  • occasionally required to works outside working hours when needed
  • occasionally required to travels out of town when needed


IDR 6.500.000 - 10.000.000

Job Requirement :

  • (mandatory) Proficient in Web programming (HTML + JS + CSS)
  • (mandatory) Basic understanding of SQL (especially, but not limited to MySQL)
  • (mandatory) Proficient in NodeJS (Javascript as Back-end / Data processor)
  • (optional) Having additional knowledge/skill in Flutter will be prioritized
  • (optional) Basic or Intermediate proficiency in PHP (vanilla, without using any framework such as Laravel / Codeigniter / etc)

Job Description :

  • Develop application based on existing framework, or as required
  • Managing (update, troubleshoot, optimize) existing applications
  • Working as a team on large-scale project
  • Self-improvement

Benefit :

  • BPJS Kesehatan
  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • Yearly bonus based on performance